Payment methods

You may complete the payment of your orders in the following ways.

1. Cash on delivery

Products are delivered by courier and you pay the price upon delivery – receipt. The cost of cash on delivery is set at 2€.

Note: Cash on delivery is valid for orders up to €499. For orders over €500 you have to choose one of the other payment methods.

2. Direct Bank Transfer

You may pay for the order by depositing in a bank account.
For your best service please it is mandatory to write name of the applicant and the order ID as the payment reference.

Note: Transfer will have to be processed into 4 working days otherwise the order will be canceled.

The bank accounts we cooperate with in order to pay for your order are the following:


Account number: 6227142191446
IBAN: GR89 0171 2270 0062 2714 2191 446

3. Via Paypal payment service.

4. Pay in store upon receipt of the order.

By choosing to receive from our store, you can pay for your order upon receipt of the products.

Note: If you choose to receive your order from the store, you must always pre-order by phone or online.